Dengue Patrol Programme 2016

Dengue Patrol Programme 2016


The Dengue Patrol programme which was launched initially in 2011 as a pilot programme is part of Sanofi Pasteur’s ongoing commitment to take proactive measures to intensify awareness on dengue and involve public participation, especially from the younger generation. In line with the government’s aim to educate and create public awareness on various health matters, the Dengue Patrol programme is aimed at advocating prevention against this disease and spearheading dengue prevention activities in the respective school’s immediate communities.

The objectives of Dengue Patrol Programme are to intensify awareness on dengue and improve public education. This programme aims to recruit students nationwide to form Dengue Patrols in their respective schools to initiate activities that encourage the prevention of dengue and protection against Aedes mosquitoes. The Dengue Patrol programme 2016 features about three months long campaign with activities relating to dengue health awareness and dengue health education that will be supervised by the selected teacher advisor.


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